23 June 2013

Whovians Annonymous

This morning, while chilling on the sofa, blog surfing and listening to Ed Sheeran (pretty much the best combo ever), I came across this post, and whoa..it's like she wrote my first post, only better. So blogging is my "thing." What's your thing?

Another thing I came across, something that happens to me a little bit too often....this conversation:

"Whoa, said my friend as she read Sammer's comment, "this guy's, like, into it!" I sat there and dreaded the inevitable point of her reading my comment, probably twice the length of his. My mom came over to see what we were talking about..."Oh, honey," she said condescendingly piteously gently and sympathetically, "I don't even have to read what you typed. The fact that you're in this conversation means we need to stage an intervention. It's OK, we're here for you! Admitting you have a problem is the first step." Turning to my friend, "Quick. I'll distract her, you call people."
If only she had seen the later addition to the conversation...because yes, it continued. My next comment? In response to this,
I wrote this:
Yep. I'm a nerd.

Later that afternoon, I went shopping with another friend. We spotted an enourmous Half Price Books store, so of course we ended up going in "just to look around..." and not spend $40.... A couple of my finds:
Careful with your headdesk there, don't hurt yourself! Yeah. These are things. These are MY things, gosh-darn-it, and I am PROUD. My mother, however, is not.

"You have low expectations for these, right?"

"Well, someone told me this series was actually pretty good. And this other one is like a choose-your-own-ending thing."

*tries to suppress uproarious laughter, and fails so bad I think her drink came out her nose*

"A Doctor Who choose-your-own-ending? That's like-- I can't even think of a comparison. But I will. I'll text it to you later. Because books based on TV shows are always bad! And choose-your-own-ending's are bad too!! It's like-- like-- It's like a veggie-burger on a wheat-free bun!!!"

Gotta admit...that was pretty funny. And not far from accurate. Here are some gems from the book:

Of course, my expectations were definitely low on that one. But I'm hoping the other one won't be simply awful! I didn't get this for the literature (which is nonexistent) anyway, I just thought it'd be fun. And it was! I'm planning to go back and try alternate endings as soon as I finish writing! YAY!

Something to look forward to, right? I'm not weird! There's nothing wrong with me. Nothing to be concerned about. I AM NOT AN ANIMAL.