27 June 2013

The Tunnel, the Tate, and the Towel

I need to post something today, because I didn't yesterday. However, nothing of consequence has happened in my life....I'll just give you some tid-bits.

My carpal-tunnel has returned.This started a little over a year ago. I think it began due to a myriad of things... 1) I take school pretty seriously. Given the fact that I'm an English major, this means a LOT of writing. 2) I play keyboard for a worship band at my church. 3) For my foreign language, I chose ASL (American Sign Language). No lips, just hands. Work those fingers, gurl! 4) I work at a tutoring center, which mostly consists of grading papers. More writing. 5) I really enjoy typing on laptops / iPads in bed rather than at a desk in a chair with armrests.

Last year, it started around April but healed somewhat when I started wearing a brace and exercising it, and it basically went away when school ended. It came back a couple weeks before Christmas break and again before Summer, but I'd just resume the brace-wearing and wrist-exercising, and then the school break would do away with it. It went away when this summer began. Then, I started blogging.


But y'know,who cares? Not me! I can wear a brace, no problem! So I'mma keep blogging. Throwing caution to the wind!

In other news, The Catherine Tate show is the funniest thing ever. My personal favorite character:

Close second:

DISCLAIMER: This show is not kid-friendly. One character she plays drops the "F-bomb" incredibly often (I get the impression it's not quite as taboo across the pond), and some others will say crass lines here and there, usually unexpectedly.

Also, in case you didn't know, I love singing in the shower. Seriously. Just got out, and I feel way cleaner and refreshed than I would if I hadn't sang. Taylor Swift is usually my choice of tunes to belt out, although Ed Sheeran has recently made the list, and I occasionally feel like Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line.

The End.