19 June 2013

Once more, with feeling!

Last night, I spent like an hour writing seven paragraphs of blog on my iPad. Then I tabbed over to "photos," editing faces out of a pic so I could post it for all you creepers out there to see. But apparently, tabs on a tablet are not the same as tabs on a laptop.

I lost every. last. word. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I can't exactly tell you why I feel so incredibly sad about this, since I had questioned seriously whether my seven-paragraph post was even a thing. I guess it was, because I miss it much. In fact, I miss it enough to attempt to try again. So here we go! Once more, with feeling!

Mmk. Everyone in the world went to camp this week. I mean, all my friends. Well, all my church friends. Or...most of my church friends. Y'know, I think accuracy is overrated. I'll just leave it at EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH except me went to camp this week. I was expecting to feel bored the entire week with all my friends gone. Fortunately, this week so far has turned out much more fun than I thought it would!

Monday, my classmates and I (in a dual-credit class at the local community college) (Well, dual credit for me. They're actually in college.) ditched the lab to eat junk food downstairs and chat about everything under the sun. And take silly pics for Instagram.
Yes, this is what I did when I tabbed over last night. Not worth it. Though, random side-note, my moms reaction to this photo: "Katie, all the friends you've made are beautiful. And you need to be careful about that. By comparison, you'll always look best next to ugly people." I'm not sure that I agree, though. When I see a group of attractive guys, if there's one average-looking guy in there, I don't really notice. I just see attractive people. Y'know? And if they're all ugly with one who's ok looking, it's like he just got down-graded and grouped in with the weirdos he hangs out with.
(Disclaimer: I promise I'm not a judgmental jerk, though it might seem so after reading the above paragraph...I just like to exaggerate for comic effect. As does my mother, who wasn't calling me ugly up there; she followed it up with a disclaimer similar to this one.)

Yesterday, we did almost the opposite...we stayed like an hour late in lab to help each other ace every assignment. And my friend in the middle up there (I'm on the right) tried to set me up with a handsome, foreign sounding guy. This game is always equally fun whether or not it succeeds (it didn't).

After arriving home from my lab, I played a couple games of Settlers of Catan with my mom and a friend. We love this game because it's like someone took Monopoly and fixed it! See, I don't know if you've noticed this about Monopoly, but about an hour into any given game, one player clearly has the win in the bag. Yet, you still keep playing for about an eternity and a half. Settlers doesn't end up that way! The win can turn around any minute, faster than you can say "Monopoly sucks." Also, even when your chance of winning has gone to never return, you can still keep busy in the game and have fun. You build roads, buy cards, pick on the winning players, etc. In Monopoly, the only thing left for you to do is slowly go bankrupt.

After receiving a total butt-whooping in two Catan games, I left for Starbucks with my book. See, reading at Starbucks is one of those things that I always enjoy once I'm there, but the thought never sounds appealing. I think a big reason could be the unfriendliness of our employees! Starbucks-peeps should act friendly, right?? Not true where I live. Plus, the parking lot is difficult to get into. So the steps from my house to Starbucks consist of me packing up four enormous books, lugging them into a cramped parking space, receiving coffee after some perfect service-without-a-smile, and then beginning the long, painful process of finding a place to sit. In addition to annoying employees, our Starbucks contains one or two tables too many, giving it a permanent feeling of overcrowded-ness, regardless of how many people sit there at any given time. Two corners consist of four big, comfy chairs. Usually, one chair from each corner remains occupied. Can I totally sit right down across from a complete stranger? Is that a thing? I feel the same conflict about the long table with twelve seats, which usually contains one person and one laptop. Hi, can I sit with you? Or are you really occupying a dozen seats right now? Anyway, I finally popped a squat across from someone in the big-comfy-chair area. And y'know what? Hipster-dude didn't care. I don't think he even noticed. And once I sat down for some reading/blogging, I really enjoyed myself! Mental note.

Of course, I didn't actually get any blogging done yesterday afternoon. I started with reading, and my nose got caught. I couldn't get it out in time to write. London by Edward Rutherfurd has me thoroughly enthralled! I can't recommend it with a clear conscience yet because I'm only 86-pages into the 829-page book, but I'll keep you posted! Maybe write a review when I finish.

And then, last night, I finally sat down to blog. Only I didn't have anything to say. So I read some archives from my mom's old blog, searching for inspiration. In one post, she mentioned that, though she rarely writes them, blogs about simple, daily life are her favorite to read. Is that real? Like, is that a thing? I sure hope so, 'cause I just wrote one, to the tune of seven (Holy cow, now it's NINE!) paragraphs. TWICE! I wrote a non-thing twice. And you've just read to the end! Congratulations! But seriously, what do you think? Is this a thing that I should continue writing? I mean, when I have something to say, I'll obviously say it. But when I don't should I do this? (By "do this," I mean what I just did, which is basically throw-up on the Internet. That's what I've done here.)

PS, I bought this. Your argument is invalid.