28 June 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

I must be crazy, but I'm doing this. Writing for five minutes straight and posting the unedited version of whatever comes out.

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I haven't yet graduated high school, but I feel as if I'm already in between it and college. I'm taking college classes dual-credit, and I don't have much high school left for next year (my last year). Enjoying the in-between period can get hard sometimes...I find myself feeling anxious about what I'll face next year, anxious to finish up this four-year season of my life. I need to stop and smell the roses. They won't smell the same this time next year!!

I guess it makes it even harder that most of my friends are a year older. I feel ready to be where they're at. But I'm not. (Really, I'm not! I promise. I have to keep telling myself that...)

I am determined to enjoy this next year. It's the last year I'll have to enjoy the freedoms that come with dependence, before applying the restraints of responsibility. It's my last year as a minor. Probably my last year at home. And most likely less busy than I'll ever findmyself again. So I need to enjoy the in-between time, and stop stretching from season to season. Because the season I'm stretching for will never really arrive.


Wow, that went fast. Dang it, I was on a roll! OK, please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes because I'm really not even glancing back up at that. It would be impossible for me to do so without totally re-writing the whole thing, and that would destroy the point. Be sure to check out this other five minute Friday, and please click the link below and write your own! Have fun!

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