01 July 2013

It's Alright to be "Widdle-Biddy"

You may remember from my previous posts that I am a chronic babysitter. I love it. Fun-size candies called  "fun" for a reason, short books are often more fun than long ones, and little people are my favorite people! I have taken care of pretty much all ages of children, but it's not often that I watch baby babies (like under a year old). So most of the diapers I change are toddler size. So today, on my way to change that of a baby merely six weeks old, I was awed to find this....

I'm sorry, do you see how tiny that is?? SO! STINKIN'! CUTE! (See how I put my hand in the picture for size comparison?? And remember that I'm a skinny little teenage girl...that's one small hand.)

"Oh mah goodness! Da widdle-biddy diapers for da widdle-biddy booty dat makes the widdle-bitty poopsies!!!" (four-year-old big brother was greatly amused by this comment, even though he's gotta know by now that baby talk is my most favorite language ever.) 

I'm just saying, thats the cutest crap-catcher I have ever seen. Thought y'all might like to know.

What random objects have you found adorable today? And what silly comments have you made about them??