01 July 2013

Elevator Pitch: Day 1 of #31dbbb

My favorite blogger thing I've ever done, Yeah Write, is hosting "31 Days to Better Your Blog" this July. In case you're like me and didn't know what day it was till your professor opened up the quiz due that day...let me fill you in: today is the first of July! Thus, it's day #1 of 31dbbb (which to me looks like it should be pronounced thirty-one-du-booh. Don't ask why). The day-one assignment is to write and elevator pitch: something you could say to a person on a elevator who has asked, but doesn't really care, what your blog is about. The idea is to make them care! I rejected my first few ideas upon remembering that it's supposed to make my blog sound good...yeah, not all possible descriptions would do that. So here's my pitch. If it sounds like a blog you'd enjoy, go ahead and subscribe! You'll probably like it! If it sounds like something you wouldn't be into, you're probably right.

My blog is essentially an edited journal. I start with the kind of thoughts that one would normally put in a journal; then I try to make them sound like good writing. I'd like to write a book someday, and the blog keeps my writing in good practice. (I am now cautiously trying to read your facial expression. If your eyes are glazed over, I'll change the subject. If you seem interested...)

My posts span a variety of topics, from my faith to my daily life to random things I've found amusing.  In the words of Albus Dumbledore, "There is almost nothing more interesting than almost anyone's life story." Not to brag, but I ain't just anyone! (Just kidding.) And this is my life story: the live-version. Slo-mo, writing it as it happens. I also write for contests and memes and such, so sometimes I find inspiration from the prompts of other writers rather than just what I've been up to. Sometimes I think those posts end up better because its a focus on my writing and my voice rather than just my experience. However, the fabric of the blog that defines it consists of the personal story telling who I am. My blog is my life as an open book. It's the easiest way to meet me without meeting me.

Also, I probably use WAY more italics and capital letters than I should. But I know you can HANDLE that!

If you have any feedback (other than too many italics and all-caps) comment below!