02 July 2013

List Post: Day 2 of #31dbbb

Today is July second, day 2 of "31 Days to Build a Better Blog." It's also Tuesday, meaning it's time to write for Yeah Write's 116th weekly challenge grid. This is my two-birds-with-one-stone post. You can find details for both by clicking the badges below. Day 2's assignment is to write a list post, so here's mine!

[insert number here] Reasons I Hate Writing Lists:

1. You have to pick a catchy number, like 10, 15, 101, 21, 33, or something like that. What if I think of one more, or one less?? As you can see above, I abandoned all pretenses and didn't even tell you how many. Heck yeah. I went there. Leaving you in wonderment. You have no idea how many things are on here! This could be the only one. Or there could just be some boring number like 4. Or maybe there are a LOT. Like eternal amounts. Maybe this is the list that never ends. MAYBE YOU'LL BE IN FRONT OF THIS SCREEN FO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

B) They force you to stay on one topic. I don't like that! I stick to one topic in essays and speeches. This is where I go to write! No pressure, no rules, just whatever comes out. I don't wanna commit. I like to ramble. Why shouldn't I chase rabbit trails? Bunnies are cute! They have long ears and their fur is super soft. Sometimes they make difficult pets, though. So that's sad. Also, sometimes they don't get along with dogs. Plus, dogs are cute. Especially puppies. And especially golden retrievers. Friendly. Dogs. Up. SQUIRREL. I can't handle it. Too much pressure. Speaking of pressure....

III: Picking a topic is SOOOO HARD. It's too much pressure. I cant do it. That's why I picked a non topic. I got so frustrated trying to pick one that I just gave up on life and decided to write about why this is not. My. Thing.

Pi-- Yeah, rhymes! That complicates things. Some people rhyme their lists. Y'know, that's fine. I respect that. But could you not do it at me?? Thanks.

4 and one quarter... The instructions said to "leave a lot of white space." Yeah, my blog is green. And requesting that is insensitive. Other backgrounds have feelings too, y'know.

Last => Lists are unnecessary. They just are. I am against them and do not wish to write another. But please, continue writing yours! They're great fun to read!!

What's that? I'm supposed to write them because they're fun to read? I don't understand that. What are your words? I don't see your point. You think it's selfish that I want to read them but am unwilling to write them? Well, I think your mom's selfish. So. Yeah.

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