03 July 2013

Promote Your Blog: Day 3 of #31dbbb

Day 3's assignment is to "promote your blog." Promoting my blog is something I see as based on opportunity...I can't just be like "OK! I'ma promote a post today!" It has to happen naturally. Like if someone posts something incredibly similar to a thing I just wrote, I might link them over. Also, I comment on other blogs a lot, in the hopes that people might click over to me.

All that to say, there isn't really a specific post I can write to meet today's assignment.


My organization tendencies demand that I have a post for every day so when people click the label "#31dbbb," they will see 31 posts in numerical order.


I can only assume that other bloggers participating in #31dbbb have had a similar problem. (That is, the problem of not being able to promote themselves in one day. Probably not everyone is as bothered by organization as I am, so not having a post today may or may not be a problem.) So, in order to solve the organization problem for me and the promotion problem for them, I intend to dedicate today's post to promoting the blogs of others!! YAY! (Disclaimer: These are in the order of the alphabet, not favoritism. Tried to do favorites, but I really can't choose!)

First and foremost, Becky Lewis. This incredible woman has spent the last year traveling all over the world to preach the gospel. Her love for The Lord and heart for ministry are written between the lines of every word on this blog. Her stories are phenomenally beautiful and inspiring. I'd encourage you to go start at the beginning and read it like a book. It's worth it.

From Novels to Board Books gets me laughing every time. I thoroughly enjoy every funny anecdote and beautiful story. I especially love that she's a reader like me! She posts about books all the time, and I love it. Can't get enough. The first time I visited her page, I spent like 20 minutes looking at all the books in the header photo, trying to figure out which ones I'd read. (Most of them.) Clearly, we are soul-mates and meant to be BFFs.

I cannot get over the title "I Still Hate Pickles." Never fails to make me smile. Her witty style and wonderful voice make all of her posts, whether funny or serious, thoroughly enjoyable. Plus, she's even commented on some of my posts which totally made my day! By the way, Kirstin, if you happen to be reading this, what is the inspiration for that title anyway? You just have always hated pickles? Or is there a story behind that?

Ice Scream Mama is just all around hilarious. My favorite post by her also happens to, in my opinion, explain her personality better than any other. At least it explains her personality the way I see it. (Go check it out! It's so fun.) Have y'all ever watched Bunheads? Y'know Boo (my favorite character)? Y'know her mom (my second favorite character)? This woman reminds me SO MUCH of her! Just the way she thinks and the way she writes...so fun.

Where do I even start talking about Life With Greyson + Parker? Her writing about her kids with "super powers" is fascinating to me. I think her strongest point is her photography, though the writing is excellent as well. The beautiful pictures and stories have made m fall in love with her two wonderful children. God Bless her and her wonderful family.

You have probably all heard of Momastery, since she's like one of the most famous bloggers ever. She even has a book. And she tours. But I like her, so I'm giving her a shout-out anyway. Her funny posts get me laughing out loud, and the serious ones get me thinking hard, whether or not I agree with them. I agree about half of the time...and that's part of what I like about her! We differ on some things, we agree on others, so either way, it'll get me thinking. That's what I enjoy about her blog.

Last but most certainly NOT least, Victoria Elizabeth Barnes. Her obsession with CraigsList and her tendency to buy junk she doesn't need is thoroughly relate-able as well has hilariously amusing. I am in the process of going through the archives to read her entire blog. That's how much I love it. And y'all, that's true love.

Thank you for your time, and remember to promote your own blog or someone else's today!